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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vil a vampire?
Everyone in the band is a vampire -- even the tech. Yup, Vil's a vampire.

What the heck did Candra see when she shook Orion's hand? (May 28, 2001)
We're not exactly supposed to know yet. ^_^ Just suffice it to say that, yes, she saw his past.

What about that other flashback? The one with dead girl? (July 6, 2001)
That was just supposed to be an example of Orion's favorite food -- young pretty things.

Why isn't this comic seven days a week? I think it would be soooo much better if it was!
You and me both. The actual answer to the question is that I'm a) in college and currently getting my arse kicked by my classes and b)also working a part-time job. I don't have the time, really. Maybe next semester (I keep saying that.)

How can I send in a guest strip?
Just e-mail it to fireflychan@yahoo.com. Please make sure to include something in the subject heading about either my comic or a guest strip, otherwise I won't read it. And PLEASE only send me files in .jpg or .gif format. I actually get viruses e-mailed to me a lot and I won't open up any other kind of file attachment if I don't know you!!

I e-mailed you and never got a response!!
Hey, these are s'posed to be questions! I get so much junk mail that I only check the ones that I can tell from the title are specifically to me. Anyway, if you want me to read whatever you send me, PLEASE make the subject heading actually indicative of why you e-mailed me. ("Your comic is the greatest in the universe!" is a good example. ^_~ ) Also, rude e-mails will be ignored.
And if that's not the case... I probably haven't checked my mail in a while or else I accidentally deleted it for some other reason. No one said I was smart.

I'm linking to your comic, how come you're not linking back?
I probably don't know you're linking to me. I do my very best to update the links section frequently. There are two ways I will know that you have linked to me. You can either contact me and tell me (via e-mail or my guestbook) or you can just follow your link to my site a LOT. Then it will show on my webtracker and all will be happy.


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