Updates History

September 16, 2002 -- Moved the location of the tagboard. ^_^;; And that's about it. Forums are likely to be down until the end of the month.
I got a nifty deviantart account, so you guys can check out my art! (And leave comments too!)

September 13, 2002 -- W00t!! I added a tagboard to the site. It'll stay up so long as it doesn't get abused. So people can leave me quick little messages and what-not.
And just when I was remembering to announce that the forums were working again, Tony's server starts having issues. So... forums are back down. And *hugs Tony*.

September 9, 2002 -- Sorry for the fact that this is just something I scanned out of my notebook. I've been really busy this weekend. I went to a concert and it was my birthday. I just didn't have time to do a color chapter title. ^_^;;

September 3, 2002 -- New layout!! Ooooh. The main page and the archive pages have been done. The other pages will be finished as time permits. ^__^;;

August 27, 2002 -- Dropdowns back on the main page.

August 20, 2002 -- Okay, I stripped all the pretties off of the archive pages so they -should- all work again. My page is so ugly!! *cries* Oh yeah, I accidentally deleted all the dropdowns, I'll be fixing that ASAP.

August 19, 2002 -- I'm trying a much, much more simplified version of the main page to see if I can possibly get it to update. Honest, I don't know what's wrong. If this doesn't work, I'll get my butt in gear and work with keenspace to get everything peachy again.

August 12, 2002 -- I just finished moving. The scanner isn't hooked up yet, so you'll hafta put up with a few days strips I'm doing on open canvas with my mouse. But the storyline shall continue!

July 17, 2002 -- I've been doing a really bad job of updating the main page. *lol* For better updates, visit the forum. Anyway, the winner of the popularity poll is *drumroll* LUCAS! Sickness permitting, I'll be doing his special week next week.
And this week is Swap Week! All comics for the week will be brought to you by Meg! Meanwhile, I'm drawing her comic for the week. So head over to lotm to see!

June 28, 2002 -- You only have a few days left to vote in the popularity poll!! If you haven't done so already, then make sure you vote. I will be closing the poll Sunday night, and you won't be able to vote after that. Support your favorite character!

June 19, 2002 -- Hey, if you haven't voted already go to the forum and tell me who your favorite character is!! You've only got until the end of the month and I know some of you haven't voted yet. (All two of my readers.)
I'm gonna be doing a massive overhaul of the image galleries. This includes taking down some of mine and Meg's older works. So, if you haven't already checked out my ancient artwork, you might wanna do so. Because once it's gone, it's gone!

June 11, 2002 -- Hooray! Today begins the official opening of the annual Journeys Down popularity poll!! Last year, some of you may remember that I restricted the voting to only members of the band, but no longer!!
Official Rules
1) Pick your favorite Journeys Down character.
2) Either post your favorite in the forum or e-mail me at sailorfirefly@lycos.com
3) Please vote only once!
The poll will last until July, so make sure you vote! The winner will be featured in a special week long story all about them.

Heaven only knows why you'd want to read these, but here's an updates list. June 2, 2002 -- Many thanks to my friend Tony who set up a forum for my comic!! I'm sharing the forum with LotM because we have a lot of the same readers. I hope to see you all there!
Also, updated links. Including a link to the shounen-ai manga directory. Phew, included enough links in this update nyo?

May 23, 2002 -- Woo! We finally finished the "Lessons" story arc. It only took about three months. We're starting on Lance's past now, so I'm going to give a short warning. Lance's relationship with Ferrin is "questionable". Read as much or as little into it as you want. ^_^
In other news, Meg (my girl) will be promoting Legacy of the Messiah, her comic, at AnimeNorth in Toronto this weekend. Anyone who is going to the con should stop by the artist's alley and say hi! (I will be there next year!)

May 15, 2002 -- Last week was finals for me, so I hope you will forgive me for not really finding the time to work on the comic much. I promise I'm working my behind off to get all caught up and get the stuff for next week done. The strips this week will be mouse-drawn but they will continue the storyline. Friday's gonna be an art day too.

May 6, 2002 -- I updated the fanart page. Including some gift art for Journeys Down's birthday!! I also joined the "I Love Hachiko" clique, the stampe for which can be found down at the bottom of the page. Why? Because I love Hachiko!! If you want to understand, just scroll down and click! ^_^

April 9, 2002 -- I'm back! Sorry for the long extended lack of strips. I had been hoping to finish this story up before the comic's first birthday, but I doubt I'll be able to finish in three weeks (as this is shaping up to be a long story arc).
I did get a side7 account. It's more up-to-date on my oekaki than my art page right now. But, I wouldn't count on my account staying around long, as soon side7 will have "premium" accounts, severely limiting the capacity of the free accounts. But if you want to check it out and comment on my artwork, it would be much appreciated.
Oh yes, also, fixed some broken links and such on the fanart page. Such as actually UPLOADING the new fanart. *teheh*

April 4, 2002 -- I think saying that my cruddy airbrush strips were going to end today was my little april fool's joke. Ha ha, I'm funny. Errr, I was just having so much fun with it that I did strips until Friday.
But to make up for it, I put up profile pictures for Carlos and Lance! Yay! Go me! Now you can see what they look like in color!

April 1, 2002 -- The break continues! Although this time, a little unplanned. I can't get my scanner to work. Probably, I will be going back to scanning strips at my parents house, so the comic shall continue on Thursday at the latest. Plans are currently going for some lovely airbrushed strips (since I know how much I love those things!).

March 27, 2002 -- This is a break week for me, guys. ^_^;; I got an almost new computer and I haven't gotten everything up and running yet. (Like, say my scanner.)

March 5, 2002 -- I had to edition my print last night, so I didn't have time for a strip. This is an oekaki I did of Sam. That's what she looks like in color.

Feb 22, 2002 -- Sorry for the filler artwork today. I got sucked into the olympics last night and didn't get home until midnight. I couldn't ink and scan and letter the strip for today unless I wanted to stay up REALLY late, and I have class early tomorrow.

Feb 21, 2002 -- I actually updated the fanart like I said I would! I don't a link to EVERYONE'S webpage, or maybe I've linked to the wrong page. So for those of you who've sent me fanart, please look and make sure that I'm linking to the right place. And now that my scanner is working again, the actual art page just might get updated.
Super Special Bonus! I also updated the oekaki section so you can look at my oekaki!

Feb 18, 2002 -- I totally forgot to do a special color strip for Valentine's Day. Sorry. ^.^;; You can just look at Rue and pretend that's your Valentine gift. Also of note, I'm using a new font, so if anyone really HATES it or can't read it drop me a line. Fanart page update coming soon.

Feb 11, 2002 -- Sorry that the new chapter title isn't in color. I really didn't have the time. Maybe I'll color it during spring break and put it up. Pleeee.

Jan 14, 2002 -- Got added to a new dropdown. Updated the fanart page and the links. Enjoy!

Jan 09, 2002 -- The whole comic dealie has been fixed. You can now safely click on the "first comic" link again.
Also, fixed the bug in monday's comic. I don't know what photoshop did when it saved it, but it's not supposed to look like that.
Working on updating some of the other pages, like the fanart page. Hopefully sometime during the next week.
Lastly, my stint as Keenime's featured comic was very nice, and I hope some people continue reading it. Self-Insert wins the most referrals award.

Jan 05, 2002 -- Okay, I'm really stupid. I accidentally named today's comic for LAST year, so now it's showing up as my first comic. I'm gonna try to fix it, but until then, you might be better off just using the stories dropdown if you want to go back and read the first few comics.

Jan 04, 2002 -- I tried a new way of cleaning up my pen drawings, that's why these last few strips have been all gray and dirty looking. I don't really like it, so I'll go back to the old way.
Also, just wanted to thank everyone who signed my guestbook. ^_^

Dec 31, 2001 -- The new year's color strip is going to be late. Because I'm a retard and thought New Year's Day was Wednesday. I'm blond for a reason.
Journeys Down made a special appearance on LotM. Go marvel at how cute Lance looks!

Dec 29, 2001 -- Special extra strip on Sunday, so check in to see it.

Dec 19, 2001 -- Finally got a guestbook so sign it!! That's an order from, um, me... I'd really like to know who reads my comic. ^__^;;;

Dec 18, 2001 -- *heheh* With uploading the new layout, I forgot something rather important... Uploading the strips for yesterday and today. u_u;;

Dec 17, 2001 -- New layout up. I hope you guys like it! I've been SLAVING over it. *heheheh* Also, lotsa new content up, so just peruse around to your hearts content.
I couldn't get to a scanner over the weekend, so what you see is just some oekaki until I manage to get scanning done and then it will all be with the strips again. Which really sucks because I was actually all caught up. Oh well.


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