Winamp Skins

A fine selection of winamp skins featuring your favorite Journeys Down characters.
To use, just download these zip files into the "skins" folder of your winamp directory.

Click to Download and touch faith
by: Firefly
features: Carter

This is the first skin I made after getting some new filters for Photoshop. I think I went a little overboard when I made the main picture, it's a little busy IMO. However, Carter looks pretty all naked like that. I could eat him up.

Click to Download Lucas
features: Lucas [duh]
by: Firefly

Ow! This one is so bright it hurts the eyes! Quick, look away!! I tried to give it a bold flashy look to fit the character, and I succeeded almost too well. This is very busy and bright for one of my skins. ^_^

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KiSS Dolls

KiSS stands for Kisekae Set System and they're a form of paper dolls for your computer!! Here's all the dolls I've done featuring Journeys Down characters.
In order to use there, you'll need to download a KiSS viewer from this site. The viewers are free to download, but you'll hafta pay to download most of the dolls.
Click to Download Candra
by: Firefly

Waaaaah, I haven't made a KiSS doll in forever. This is my first effort to get back into the swing of things. Candra's wardrobe reminds me of Value Village. @_@ For more detailed info on the doll, look at the readme.