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Name: Simon McKinnley
Race: Vampire
Age: 8000 a few years (looks 27)
Height: 5'7
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Theme Song: "Sympathy For the Devil" Guns 'n' Roses (Rolling Stones cover)
Personality: Simon is hot-headed, egotistical, cynical, british, and he has a white fringe in his hair. Why? We don't know. He's just Simon. His accent is incredibly heavy, and Simon has found this London charm to be quite the essential tool in picking up a meal. He's the first true vampire, and the most feared of all of the vampy-race. Not to mention, when he wants to, he can pull off a killer Sid Vicious impression.
picture coming soon Name: Orion
Race: Vampire
Age: 753 (looks 20)
Height: 5'10
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red
Theme Song: "Sheep Go to Heaven" by Cake
Personality: Orion isn't his real name, but he's not telling the name he was born with. He's violent, with hefty mood swings, and a real sex fiend. His favorite food is pretty people, especially pretty ravers. Born in France in the mid-thirteenth century, Orion was chased out of is home village by people convinced he was a witch because of his coloring. He was taken in by a group of monks, where he lived before being kidnapped and changed into a vampire.

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